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Imagine how it would look if the Orion nebula is only four light years away - the distance the nearest star is to us, instead of 1,300 light years. It would be so bright that we wouldn’t be aware of the dark sky. We wouldn’t see other stars. The whole world would be the Orion nebula and the sun.

-The Universe 2x14: Nebulas

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"i could live with a life of
adjusting your collar,
ironing down shirts
and our future.
i could live with a life of
kissing the top of your head
while you bandage my scraped knee.
i will love you at 2 am
over sandwiches and
sitting cross-legged on the
kitchen floor.
i could live a life with you
of not only dancing in
the rain,
kissing in the rain,
but sharing together the
unspeakable joy
of standing in the midst
of a storm and
each other,
getting drenched, and
laughing out loud
with each other and
and so, we will help
each other hang up the
which muffles what
our hearts want to say, and
when we don’t feel like
dancing, we will look
at each other and leave
that up to our eyes.
when your heart hurts
because it’s been a long
day and you can’t help
but wonder why you can
bandage people up but
sometimes they never
i will sit on the floor with
you and hold your hand
and tell you that you
are the strongest person
i know.
and when there is no joy
in the storm
and the rain never seems
to stop, and it soaks
our shoes and makes
us utterly miserable,
like coming down with
a cold in june,
please understand that i am
equally miserable without
your company.
this is what i have to offer you.
i hope you can live with the
weight of my words
and the girl along with them.
i hope you can love me,
not just now,
but when i am old,
and only my soul
is beautiful."

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3 things you must appreciate to become a happy person:

- God and all His names and qualities

- All the forms of love people express, no matter how big or small

- Time, not as an enemy that you must fight and get rid of but as a friend, something that gives you the opportunities to do the right thing and would show you the results of your hard work

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"My soul is from elsewhere, I’m sure of that, and I intend to end up there."

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"I knew it wasn’t too important, but it made me sad anyway."

J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye (via simply-quotes)

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"my knees ache for all the times I’ve fallen to them
my arms ache for all the times I’ve pushed people away
my wrists ache for all the times I forgot how to love myself

and my mind,
oh how it aches

it aches from the footsteps of tourists and passerbys
those who wished to admire the ruins
all that once was

but never did anyone wish to stay
to restore the broken

because nobody stopped and stared
when i was whole"

A.E.H., Stop Admiring My Broken Pieces (via aestheticintrovert)

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Mosque in Malaysia


Mosque in Malaysia

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Do you ever get that feeling where you’re not sad but you’re not happy either, and it’s like there is something missing in your life, and you have no idea what it is?

And there is this longing for something you can’t even place, like a dull ache that you are not really where you’re supposed to be, that there should be something significant, something more substantial that you need to do? 

And then every night, you just go to sleep hoping that you’ll figure it out the next day. 

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"You have trouble feeling alive, so you stab your own heart just to feel something. It was the emptiness that was killing you. You created the sadness and the fear to fill it."

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